About SIGUS Workshops
SIGUS Workshops include the January Workshop Abroad. This 2-week, field-based workshop is help in cities through the world - hosted by a local university in collaboration with NGOs and city authorities. The focus is on policies and programs which tackle community needs, drawing on interviews with families and field observation.

The workshop series was a recipient of the AIA Education Honors Program prize in 1996.

This Program addresses issues at the community level, focused on the vulnerable income groups which comprise the majority. It is organized around a 2-week field workshop supported by background preparatory work.

These SIGUS organized January Workshops are field-based research investigations that tackle community needs through direct collaboration with the local communities.
Manila, Philippines | 2006
“The Road From Manila” 

Lima, Peru | 2005
“Three Decades of Squatter Dreams”

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | 2003
“La Puya and El Caliche” 

Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela | 2002
“Revisiting El Gallo”

Shorter workshops are held from time to time throughout the academic term as well as special workshops during the summer with other groups at MIT. Special technical workshops are offered to governments, international agencies and industry.

Incremental Housing Workshop, Suva, Fiji |  2013

El Balsamo, El Salvador |  2011

Bangkok Summer Workshop | 2009
"Bangkok Transitions"

Singapore and Bangkok |  2008
“Extreme Makeover Urban”

The Louisiana LiftHouse Project |  2006 - 2009

Schools Competition |  2005
“The Tsunami Challenge: After the Tent”

San Cayetano, El Salvador |  2004
“The Earthquake Challenge: Resettlement Design”

Kabul, Afghanistan |  2003
“The Kabul Challenge”

Thimphu, Bhutan |  2001 
“Growth Alternatives for the Thimphu Valley”

Building Affordable Communities, Boston |  2001

International Video Conference – World Bank, DFID, GTZ, USAID |  2000
“Large Scale Slum Improvement”

“Wiring the Barrio” – (With World Bank) information technology and low-income communities |  1999

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia |  1998 
“Sustainable Land Planning and Development”

Aleppo, Syria |  1997
“Dead Cities Heritage Corridor”

Gaza, Palestine |  1996
“Inventing the Gaza Superblock”

Minsk, Belarus |  1992
“After Chernobyl”


La Presita and Perquin, El Salvador |  2008
“Look, Listen, Learn” 
“Plan, Design, Build”

Houma, Louisiana |  2007
“Sweat! Design! Build!” 

Houma, Louisiana |  2006
“Volunteer Weeks”